Weekly Events
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
HeroClix 1pm
MTG Modern 2pm
WeissSchwarz 3pm
Android Netrunner 3pm
MTG Sealed Deck League 5pm MTG Drafts 4pm-9pm
MTG Commander Open Play 4pm-11pm
X-Wing Aturi Cluster League 6pm
Force of Will Constructed 7pm
YuGiOh! Advanced 7:30pm
Warmachine 6pm
D&D Adventurer's League 7pm
MTG Modern 7pm
Thursday Friday Saturday
Board Game Night 6pm
Malifaux 6pm
MTG Standard 7pm
MTG Standard 6pm
MTG Modern 7pm
YuGiOh! Advanced 7:30pm
YuGiOh! Traditional 7:30pm
Cardfight Vanguard 7:30pm
D&D Expeditions 1pm
MTG Commander & Casual Open Play 2pm-8pm
MTG Sealed Deck 3pm
Dragonball Z 3pm

Store Hours & Information
Sunday Monday through Friday Saturday
12pm to 8pm 12pm to 12am 10am to 12am
(734) 427-2451
6033 Middlebelt Road
Garden City, Michigan

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