MTG Monthly Legacy w/playtest cards on Wednesday, April 27th 7pm
YGO Sneak Peek: Shining Victories on Saturday April 30th & Sunday May 1st
MTG Game Day Shadows Over Innistrad on Saturday April 30th & Sunday May 1st
Netrunner Spring 2016 Constructed Tournament on Sunday May 1st 3pm
Star Wars Armada Tournament on Sunday, May 7th 12pm
Weekly Events
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday
HeroClix 1pm
MTG Modern 2pm
WeissSchwarz 3pm
Living Card Games 4pm-8pm
MTG Sealed Deck League 5pm MTG Drafts 4pm-9pm
MTG Commander 4pm-11pm
X-Wing Aturi Cluster League 6pm
Force of Will Constructed 7pm
YuGiOh! Advanced 7:30pm
Warmachine 6pm
D&D Adventurer's League 7pm
Thursday Friday Saturday
X-Wing Competitive League 6pm
Board Game Night 6pm
Malifaux 6pm
X-Wing Miniature League 6pm
MTG Standard 6pm
MTG Modern 7pm
YuGiOh! Advanced 7:30pm
YuGiOh! Traditional 7:30pm
Cardfight Vanguard 7:30pm
D&D Expeditions 1pm
MTG Commander 2pm-8pm
MTG Sealed Deck 3pm
Dragonball Z 3pm
X-Wing Competitive League 6pm

Store Hours & Information
Sunday Monday through Friday Saturday
12pm to 8pm 12pm to 12am 10am to 12am
(734) 427-2451
6033 Middlebelt Road
Garden City, Michigan

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